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Small is definitely beautiful

A small courtyard garden offers a real challenge to a designer.  Everything is this garden has to work for its keep.  There can be no superflous extras as this will only lead to a cluttered, unrestful atmosphere.  Unity and harmony should be paramount.

To achieve this I have to know exactly how the garden is to function and what the client would like in the garden.  I can then plan how to create and produce such a garden.  This is easiest if you keep your choices simple.  If you know exactly what you require you are less likely to be side tracked into choosing something you like, rather than need, for the garden.

Getting to know the site can help with your initial decisions.  A sunny courtyard may lend itself to al fresco eating.  You then need to decide do you want the table and chairs to be on grass or hard landscaping?  If it is the latter, what kind of hard landscaping do you want?  Should it match the house or compliment it?  Just remember not to have too many different materials in the garden, as this can feel fussy and unsettling.

Alternatively you may want shade.   Could this be produced through planting a tree or using a feature such as a pergola, arbour or awning?  If you want a tree, which is best suited to the site?  If you'd prefer a feature, what material should it be made from?

The brief for the courtyard in the photo was to have somewhere to sit and something to look at.  This was the result;  a restful garden, with subdued planting, but enough interest to stop the eye wandering aimlessly around the garden.

Posted 9:35, Wednesday 2nd March

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Small is definitely beautiful