garden design

Garden Design

Initial consultation is free.  This provides an opportunity to look at the garden, get an initial idea of the client’s needs, and for the client to see Debby’s portfolio.  This meeting is followed up with an estimate for the design.

Scaled plan. 
Work begins with measuring the site. To ensure the design sits happily in its location, an in-depth site survey of the existing garden (soil, aspect, prevailing wind etc), the style of the house and general location is undertaken.

Debby and the client will then spend time discussing how the client sees the garden being used. Debby then produces hand drawn, draft plans. Further discussions are held to get the client’s comments and, if needed the plans are amended.

Once the client is happy with the draft design, Debby produces scaled, hand drawn final plans rendered in water colours.

Visual aids. 
To help the client visualise how the garden will look, Debby can also produce perspective drawings, elevations and axonometric drawings, (giving a bird’s eye view of the garden). All these designs are scaled and hand drawn. 

Implementing the design. 
If the client does not want to implement the design, Debby has contractors who will undertake this work.  She can also oversee the project to ensure the design is implemented properly.

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PG of Lymington
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